My name in this earthly dimension is Karen Castaneda. I was born and raised in Queens New York, represent represent! On my free time I enjoy eating lots of vegan food, cooking with friends, finding new ways to workout, making art, petting strangers’ dogs, and learning more about holistic healthcare and mental wellness. I studied Neuroscience at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, however the learning never stops! I’ve always been interested in healthcare but what fascinated me the most as an angsty teenager was the mind-body connection, so Neuroscience and BioPsychology were tantalizing topics for me.

Soon after moving to Vegas I found DRIVEN’S neurorecovery center and immediately knew it was a perfect match for me. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to gain some experience with disability fitness while also building relationships with the clients and trainers. I felt like a fish in water, so when DRIVEN began to expand I became a natural addition to the team. Hashtag grateful. Hashtag do what you love. I’ve been working on being able to create daily exercise programs for clients, but soon I hope to get into the intricacies of the mind-body connection so I can provide mental cues that’ll further assist with the movements we exercise. I expect to bring compassion, encouragement and positive energy to DRIVEN, in order to create an environment that facilitates growth and joyful relentlessness.

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