After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Exercise and Sports Science, I decided to move back to my hometown of Las Vegas with my wife, Cassandra. As a native I’ve always loved the West Coast, which is why I moved back to start training clients. While working as a personal trainer at a big box gym I unexpectedly found myself working with different neurological disabilities. Since 2015 I have been working with populations of those with and without disabilities, but find the special populations more rewarding. Watching an able-bodied person make a physical transformation is awesome, but seeing someone with a neurological disorder gain function that was lost is something so much more powerful to me. Both populations follow basic principles to progress, but it’s much more specific and direct when following proper methodology for paralysis recovery. While I love putting people through rigorous exercise regiments it’s more challenging to plan and implement a very specific and appropriate movements for maximizing NeuroRecovery.

I started working with special populations at Project Walk Las Vegas in 2015 then switched over to working at an outpatient physical therapy that specialized in Pilates as well as all the traditional PT modalities. Although I gained valuable knowledge from physical therapists I worked with, I was missing the excitement of watching someone do something they couldn’t before and to see their expression when they gain new sensory or ability. Working with special populations has definitely been the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had!

Since starting to work at DRIVEN I’ve focused more on how to keep things more fundamental while still maximizing the neurological benefits through the NextStep method. The NueroRecovery Scale outlines most of the physical limitations caused by paralysis and how to see where someone is and what advanced technology and protocols, we use to improve function. With NextStep’s research and collaboration we take great pride in offering the latest tools and research to maximize recovery. Utilizing my exercise physiology knowledge, prior experience and continued will to learn more will keep training here at DRIVEN always dynamic.

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