Membership Levels:

Basic Fitness Memberships

  • Basic Fitness Membership: $50.00/Month
  • Basic Fitness Membership for a year: $40.00/Month

Premium Fitness Memberships

  • Premium Fitness Membership: $95.00/Month
  • Premium Fitness Membership for a year: $85.00/Month

Guided Exercise Rates

  • Guided Exercise 1: $95.00 per Hour
  • Guided Exercise 2: $142.00 for 1.5 Hours
  • Guided Exercise 3: $190.00 for 2 Hours

Personal Training Rates

  • Personal Training 1: 1 Hour for $50.00
  • Personal Training 2: 5 Hours for $225.00
  • Personal Training 3: 10 Hours for $300.00

FES Rates

  • FES 1: 1 Hour for $25.00
  • FES 2: 5 Hours for $100.00
  • FES 3: 10 Hours for $175.00

G-EO System Rates

  • G-EO Training only: $125/Session

Membership Description:


This allows the member full use of all weight and cardio equipment in the gym (excluding FES and any specialized therapy equipment).  In addition, there will be staff available to assist with equipment setup, weight usage and client transfers to equipment as required. During first visit, Fitness Center Trainer will train client, family/caregiver on all equipment.  You are charged on a monthly basis; whether one or 30 days’ attendance. Fitness Memberships are also available to family and caregivers.



This allows the member the benefits of the Basic Fitness Membership as well as unlimited group exercise classes and 2 Personal Training Sessions.



These memberships are designed to provide 1-on-1 or even 2-on-1 attention to clients who require or desire additional support during activity sessions and to help them achieve their fitness and goals. This will be an intense program that focuses on recovery. Activity Based Trainers will develop a plan for each session based off of the evaluation and Member’s goals. This can include use of the G-EO System, Xcite, Lite Gait, Galileo and any other equipment. Length of Guided Exercise session will be determined based on Member’s needs. If participating in an average of 1 Guided Exercise Session per week, the “Basic Fitness Membership” will be included for no extra cost.



Personal training will focus on Strength and Conditioning. While the Guided Exercise is focused on recovery, Personal Training goals are to increase strength in functional parts of the body.  This membership will provide 1-on-1 attention to clients with the Fitness Center Trainer, but will be less hands on than the Guided Exercise. The trainer will develop a program for the client based on client goals and help guide client during sessions.



These memberships provide FES leg or arm cycling.  The RT300 FES cycles used at DRIVEN have been proven to relax muscle spasms, prevent or impeded disuse atrophy, increase local blood circulation, and maintain or even increase range of motion. You may book individual one-hour FES session (leg or arm) as the DRIVEN schedule permits as a standalone package or to supplement any other level of membership you are currently contracted for. This package requires an initial evaluation and 1 Hour of Guided Exercise to develop FES parameters. FES Electrodes must be purchased by client as needed.



The G-EO System is the world’s most advanced robotic-assisted device in gait rehabilitation. By offering a realistic simulation of a physiological gait pattern it allows clients to recover mobility. This system can be used in Passive Mode where it is in full control, Active Assist in which the system senses efforts by client and augments those efforts to complete the gait cycle and Active Mode in which the client is in complete control and can even walk against resistance. Walking and Stairclimbing are available on the G-EO.  This can greatly improve the cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and other typical ailments such as skin breakdown of wheelchair dependent people. When participating in a regular Guided Exercise program, the G-EO will be utilized at the Activity Based Trainers discretion at the Guided Exercise Pricing. If only purchasing a G-EO System Membership, it will be $125 per session. A session will last roughly an hour.

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