DRIVEN is a multidisciplinary accessible fitness center where individuals with disabilities can improve their physical, mental and emotional health; increase independence; and enhance their overall quality of life using a holistic approach to wellness.

We are a non-profit program of Conquer Paralysis Now, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

DRIVEN provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle. Our goal is to fill in the gaps throughout Southern Nevada and provide an equitable fitness environment for those with limited mobility. While offering a variety of new opportunities, DRIVEN coordinates with existing programs in the region that cater to the needs of individuals with all disabilities.

DRIVEN has created a fitness center that can be utilized by wheelchair and able-bodied users. This includes the full line of Cybex Total Access equipment and various types of accessible cardio machines. After joining, a fitness specialist will train new members and caregivers on how to properly use the fitness equipment and how to adapt it for their specific needs.


  • My girlfriend - who trains at DRIVEN too - is in a wheelchair with a disability that limits the strength in her arms and legs. Throughout my time here, the trainers have been amazing at helping her increase her overall strength and endurance. They've also been able to train me on how to exercise better, carry her more properly so we're both safe, and exercises I can help her with at home. This place has been life-changing for us and has brought us closer together.

    Javier Guerrero
    Javier Guerrero DRIVEN Member & Partner of a DRIVEN Training Client
  • After several months of Darrell using the Galileo at DRIVEN as part of his treatment for the high tone spasticity he has due to his brain injury, the spasticity has decreased so significantly that I was able to cancel the Botox injections for his legs! Darrell's strength is improving as well with the Galileo and training he is receiving from the trainers at DRIVEN.
    Both Darrell and I thank the team!
    Tammy Malmgren
    Tammy Malmgren Wife of DRIVEN Client Darrell Malmgren
  • My favorite thing about DRIVEN is the level of professionalism and skill the trainers have when adapting to my physical abilities in creating different workouts. I don’t feel like just any other patient who’s been injured. Here, they personalize my workouts and continuously push me to MY full potential.

    Cesar Robledo
    Cesar Robledo DRIVEN Training Client
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