My name is Jennine Marquez and I am an Activity-Based Trainer Aide here at DRIVEN NeuroRecovery Center in Las Vegas, Nevada! I was born here in Las Vegas, but during my elementary years I lived in Indiana and Illinois and then finally came back to Nevada for middle school. I have been in Vegas ever since so I technically consider myself to be born and raised here. In my free time I love doing anything active, hanging with family, trying new food places, going to concerts and music festivals, and playing (self-taught) guitar and bass.

In 2019, I graduated at UNLV with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Ever since I was younger, I was always active and playing sports – whether it’d be playing softball, basketball, or just riding my skateboard around the neighborhood. My decisions to major in Kinesiology as well as become a Physical Therapist were greatly influenced by my love for softball and always being physically active. I was lucky enough to obtain a job at a Physical Therapy clinic as a Rehabilitation Technician where that solidified my aspirations for Physical Therapy.

I was looking for jobs to see what was out there. I stumbled upon this opening for DRIVEN and read that having a degree was an actual requirement. I was very fortunate to find a job where I would be able to apply my foundational knowledge of kinesiology and anatomy/physiology. Because I had just graduated, I thought to myself, “Why not?” and applied!

A few weeks after my college graduation I had the great opportunity to interview and be selected to work for DRIVEN! I have always been someone that is afraid of change and when I get comfortable I tend to stay there for a long time and become complacent. After being a rehab tech for a couple of years I knew that it was time for me to leave and go to DRIVEN where I had more opportunities to learn and grow. I couldn’t miss out on this unique opportunity to work so in-depth with such a variety of neurological disabilities and conditions. Ever since starting at this position I have broadened my knowledge and I am learning something new everyday. I have become passionate working with this population and will continue to give my best to DRIVEN and everyone that steps foot through our doors!

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