At first glance, DRIVEN NeuroRecovery Center might look like your average gym. Overhead press, squat rack, treadmills – it’s all here. However, look just a moment longer and you’ll find quite a few pieces that distinguish DRIVEN from your run-of-the mill gym. Though our machines bleed bright with DRIVEN red, you might notice the splashes of yellow that make our facility life changing for people with physical disabilities. These simple yellow knobs and bars allow our everyday gym equipment to transform into an open fitness floor of wheelchair-friendly modalities. Across the Cybex Total Access strengthening equipment and SciFit cardio machines, seats either swing out of the way or slide off completely, allowing a person in any kind of wheelchair – electric or manual – complete access to a better version of themselves.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a gym without personal training services. Here at DRIVEN, our personal trainers specialize in activity-based training that targets functional recovery via neuroplasticity of the body’s central nervous system. They are trained and educated by the NeuroRecovery Network under The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and NextStep neurorecovery training principles. Our activity-based trainers translate the latest scientific knowledge into real world application by tailoring dynamic workout programs specific to every neurological injury or condition they encounter.

Additionally, DRIVEN NeuroRecovery Center serves as a one-stop shop for people with neurologically-based disabilities. Thanks to collaborations with existing programs throughout Southern Nevada, we are able to target a holistic approach to health and wellness on the physical, emotional, and mental level. Beyond our entirely accessible gym, DRIVEN houses the headquarters of Downtown Las Vegas Yoga & Wellness Co-Op, offering yoga, meditation, specialized massages, and trauma recovery practices. Licensed therapists also bear residence at DRIVEN, providing private and group counseling, and regular support groups for disabled people, families, and caregivers. In reflection of DRIVEN’s likeness, these third-party services offered within our facility are each accommodating and user-friendly for individuals at all levels of ability; including offering either free or discounted prices for DRIVEN members, caregivers, and families. Our facility also offers the convenience and accessibility of adaptive mobility and wheelchair consultations, minor repairs, and referrals via our mobility specialist and representative of the renowned wheelchair-distributor company, Permobil.

From victims of traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, to those who have acquired neurodegenerative conditions – such as Transverse Myelitis or MS (Multiple Sclerosis) – in the middle of their life, DRIVEN has fostered an environment where people at practically any level of functioning have the tools to direct their care to any degree – from complete independence to fully hands-on training – and thrive on all levels of wellness.

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