More than just a gym, DRIVEN is a facility that encompasses holistic fitness in every sense. Holistic fitness is a wonderful way to improve your mind, body and health. It’s more than lifting weights – it’s about listening, breathing, accepting, and healing. Shifting focus inward and putting your-self back into your fitness practice. Physical fitness frequently feels like the most important aspect of health, but it’s much more than that. DRIVEN works to create a healthy environment in all aspects; starting with the services we offer, our approach in training and even down to the vibez we provide. True and total well-being can include physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual fitness.

The DRIVEN team is educated by the NeuroRecovery Network and utilizes NextStep’s activity-based training principles. We embrace neuroplasticity and the central nervous system’s ability to learn and relearn. This means training sessions are structured around guided exercises that are task-specific, always custom made for the client. No program or training session is the same since every recovery process is different. Additionally, you’ll never hear us say “you’re plateauing”. Recovery is always the focus so encouraging intent and finding new challenges is one of the ways we tie in physical and emotional/mental wellness.

We go beyond by incorporating the emotional and mental aspects of holistic fitness. This type of well-being is related to our ability to deal with whatever comes our way. It doesn’t mean you have to be tough all the time, it just means you’re able to acknowledge when you’re struggling and able to ask for help without shame. Understanding how stress affects your life is a major part of being emotionally and mentally fit – being familiar with stress allows us to deal with it effectively. The goal is to always love ourselves just the way we are, and extend that same compassion to everyone around us. Emotional and mental fitness can be exercised by managing your stress, asking for help, doing what you love and surrounding yourself with supportive people.

We encourage emotional and mental fitness by hosting several social events. Every Friday from 2 to 3 pm we host the support group, Redesign. Redesign emphasizes the importance of continuous self-awareness and self-improvement. Every second Tuesday of the month we have a larger support group from 5 to 7 pm. Both events are led by licensed therapists and on the Tuesday groups we provide appetizers and refreshments! We will also be hosting a therapeutic paint night on September 6th, where attendees from those that are able-bodied to high-level quadriplegics are challenged to paint using the brushes in their mouths! Paint-With Your Mouth-Night is designed to connect the community and facilitate de-stress through a creative outlet. Our collaboration with Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-Op is another extension of our holistic values. The Co-Op is headquartered within DRIVEN, offering free chair yoga and trauma recovery yoga on a weekly basis that is open to all ability levelsin addition to daily yoga for families and caregivers and meditation sessions. Meditation is a wonderful way to connect mental and spiritual fitness.

Spiritual fitness can include but isn’t limited to prayer and religious practices. It’s also knowing where you fit in the connectedness of all things in this world. It starts with the simple things. As trainers and staff we act with compassion and real kindness; always striving to be a better person and acting out of integrity and generosity instead of dishonesty or selfishness. We encourage our clients to do the same. Some have found their own way of doing so by volunteering their time and skills to DRIVEN and our community in their special areas of expertise; such as designing our flyers, or offering professional advice related to their field! It allows our clients to give back to the facility but also connect with passions and hobbies that may be stress-relieving for them. Our friends at the Co-Op also offer reiki and sound healing sessions for discounted rates. These activities remind us of the connectedness of it all; the impact our universe has on our body and well-being, and equally important, how we impact the environment around us. It’s why it is so important to love yourself and extend that love to those around you. Spiritual fitness is also about listening to your body and intuition. No path is the same so it’s important to improve while staying true to who you are!

True fitness incorporates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components of fitness. Allowing us to completely integrate mind, body and spirit in order to support total well-being. Working to improve holistic fitness positively affects every aspect of our lives including increased health, mental clarity, spiritual awareness and improved self-esteem. So the work is worth doing!

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