“Personal training” gets real personal here at DRIVEN NeuroRecovery Center. In fact, what most gyms call personal training, we call guided exercise, or activity-based training.

DRIVEN’s activity-based training is an intense recovery program, consisting of 1-on-1 or even 2-on-1 training (depending on the client’s needs) with our activity-based trainers. The program works to improve function, neurological recruitment, and the individual’s overall health and fitness. The program kicks off with an in-depth, 2-hour evaluation that sets parameters for the client’s limitations based on the NeuroRecovery Network Scale via the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. This initial evaluation is also the time for the client to express their goals and desires for their recovery and fitness. Thereafter, the program consists of regular training sessions varying anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, 1 to 3 sessions a week, that are exactly specialized for the individual client based on their ability level and fitness/recovery goals. At the discretion of the trainers, a client’s workout program may consist of use of the G-EO System, functional electrical stimulation via the Xcite machine, Galileo, Lite Gait and other specialized equipment that DRIVEN has to offer.

Check out our gallery for some great moments we’ve captured of our clients who participate in DRIVEN‘s personalized training program now!

Contact us today if you think Activity-Based Training could be the workout program you’ve been searching for!

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